Social Media is making you UNfit

When you go on social media, what type of fitness content comes up on your feed? Well, it is going to be the type of content that you are interested or at least think you are interested in. Is this content helping you, pointing you in the wrong direction or in most cases, stopping you from starting?

In Evolution I have a service called a No Sweat Intro. It is essentially a free consultation where I try to get to know you as a person, learn about your goals and tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve that goal. Unfortunately I see the damage social influencers are causing to our society.

Here is the issue. Most people I speak with a genuinely afraid of starting. There is a fear that you need to know and do everything 100% right to make progress. This fear is created by fitness pages on social media. Let’s just talk about fat loss for the moment because for most people who trust in us at Evolution, that is their primary goal.

On Social Media, you log on and hear the phrases calorie deficit, progressive overload, basel metabolic rate, thermogenesis and so much more. I cringe every time because I feel sorry for you and can’t understand how scary it must be to feel like you need to know so much to make progress. More often than not, this person has just read about the topic and want s to prove to you how smart he/she is. Sometimes I think they are trying to impress other coaches with their new knowledge bomb that is going to change the industry forever!

At Evolution we want you to do 3 things.

  1. Enjoy yourself – Anything we enjoy we keep doing. Anything we keep doing we tend to get better at. For example if you start the gym today and hold a 5kg weight during some squats. In 8 weeks you could very well be holding a 20kg weight aka progressive overload. How have you made so much progress? Because we have ensured you are enjoying yourself and kept training.
  2. Be social – In Evolution, the community we have built is the core of the gym. I love to see personal training members joining semi-private or small group coaching once they have some experience built up. Life is about experiences and the more people we can include in that experience the better.
  3. Communicate – I spend the majority of my day (when not coaching) creating content, speaking to people interested in joining and boring business stuff BUT the most important part of my day is chatting to members. I sent out emails & texts to the Evolution members often with tips and support. I always tell everyone when I see them, “the more you reply, the more I can help”. I want everyone to message me back and allow me to help.

At Evolution I am sure we are not like any other gym. Yes, we know all the nerdy fitness information but unless you ask us specifically about it, you won’t hear about it. Our members just need to turn up, do exactly what we ask them to do and concentrate on working hard and laughing harder.

Training does not need to be scary. Food doesn’t need to be weighed 24/7. The most important thing at the start is that you are moving, enjoying it and meeting new people. If you are ready to book your own “No Sweat Intro”, click the link below for more info and access to my booking calendar.



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