How to Thrive—Not Just Survive—During the Holidays

Words matter.

Words shape perceptions. Perceptions shape intentions. Intentions shape just about everything.

Around this time of year, I often think about the term surviving the holidaysWe often get asked, how to survive holiday parties, family gatherings and a busy period filled with nights out, food and drink.

And let’s be honest, these survival guides are usually aimed at what we should eat and drink over the holiday season—less usually the advise given. Or in some cases the advise is to eat more and enjoy yourself followed by a period of starvation.

Leaving aside the notion of survival as nutritional deprivation, in my opinion this is a pretty rough way to treat yourself.  What are we surviving, really? It’s one week!

What if we flipped the script?

Thrive through the holidays. That sounds better!

Thrive by eating delicious food that makes you feel full and ready to take on the day.

Thrive by doing awesome workouts and hit some PB lifts powered by extra food. (SIDE STORY – In 2019, I failed a 120kg back squat 13 times. I hit it on the 26/12/22, powered by extra food)

Hell, thrive through a long winter’s nap after a delicious meal or night out.

What if we let the things we love to do—being with friends and family, eating well, exercising and resting at the right times—take us through this holiday season?

What if we thrived?



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