Strength after 40?

Can you build strength after 40? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And it’s true that we’ll all experience some physical decline as we age.  But it’s a fact that strength can be improved at any age, and older adults who train regularly can

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Why Evolution doesn’t look like a “real” gym?

I opened Evolution 12 months ago on €15,000. My bank offered me €15,000 on a line of credit. I felt like I won the lottery. Now, €15k is a lot of money but it isn’t much to start a gym. Most gyms cost at least 100 times that much (that’s

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Get healthy with this first step

Ever feel distracted or unfocused? It’s so common now. I bet you have dozens of notifications popping up and all kinds of urges to open a social media platform and see what’s happening. I bet even mentioning “notifications” gives you a little anxiety—like you need to check them right now.

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What is Functional Fitness Training

Fitness is full of buzzwords and jargon—so what is functional fitness training, and why is it important? Here’s the answer: Functional fitness training is used


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