Should You Do the Same Exercises Every Day?

Being active is great—but what if you do the same exercises every single day? Will that help you stay fit? Here’s the answer:  If you have a fitness regime in place but always do the same thing, you’ll get some of the benefits of activity, but you won’t get all

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Who is Evolution for?

Evolution is not your secondary school. And we’re not like other gyms, either. We don’t like drama, cliques or judgment. I had a pretty good time in school. I actually enjoyed it. Luckily, some friends invited me into the weight room, encouraged my pathetic lifting and kept me going until

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Can you train at Evolution if your Overweight

People often ask if they join Evolution if they’re overweight.  The answer: Yes! Anyone can do the workouts we do.  In a one-on-one setting, coaches use training principles to create the perfect workout for a client. Each session is designed to challenge the client at the right level and move

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What is Functional Fitness Training

Fitness is full of buzzwords and jargon—so what is functional fitness training, and why is it important? Here’s the answer: Functional fitness training is used


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